Community Learning Center

We are a resource for not just the HOMELESS of the CHINATOWN area. We are here for the entire COMMUNITY who may need FREE internet access. Perhaps it is to keep in touch with FAMILY or to do JOB SEARCHES come and check us out.

California State University Monterey Bay has been working in Salinas Chinatown for more than a decade. In 2006 CSUMB opened the Community Learning Center at 22 Soledad Street.

This building provides a classroom for local residents, CSUMB classes, and community organizations. There are three computers, six laptops, a “smart-college” center, printer, fax, and two phones. The Community Learning Center is used by the Salinas Downtown Community Board and its Action Teams for meetings and the Peter Maurin Work Cooperative. The Salinas Chinatown Community Garden is located on 24,000 square feet at the corner of Soledad and Lake Streets. At this location, we have created a Community Garden in a very low-income, blighted neighborhood.

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