Action Teams

Asian Cultural Experience

Asian Culture Experience

ACE is committed to preserving, recording, documenting and exhibiting the history and culture of the Salinas Chinatown area where several ethnic groups have lived, worked, and gathered together since 1872. Chinatown is a historical “gold mountain.” If walls could speak, this tiny rundown neighborhood (on the other side of the railroad tracks from Old Town), would tell a rich multi-ethnic story of agricultural development, labor movements, daily life and low life, collaboration and tension, discrimination and solidarity. Culture offers an abundance to celebrate! No one culture or historical period can claim a monopoly on this neighborhood. (More)

Chinatown Homeless Action Team

Homeless action team

A network of service providers and caring persons drawn together to find human solutions to help persons build pathways out of poverty in the Chinatown neighborhood that can be a model for the larger region. The team meets the 4th Monday of each month at 10:30 at the Housing Authority Conference Room 134 East Rossi. (More)

Community Relations


The more visible and known a movement is, the stronger its mission and impact. Newsletters, up-to-date electronic social marketing including this website, press releases and e-blasts are needed to spread the good word of the good work in Chinatown. All interested persons are invited to attend their quarterly meetings that are posted on the calendar. (More)

Reconnection Action Team


Isolation and separation resulted from closing the at-grade crossing of several streets into Chinatown. The need is to increase access to the neighborhood by pedestrian, if not motor vehicle traffic across the tracks from Old Town Salinas. Persons who like challenges are invited to take on connecting with Union Pacific Railroad to connect two-sides of the tracks. (More)

Safety Security & Sanitation


The #1 priority and need for the community is to become a safer place where persons feel secure and invited. Illegal drug dealing must stop, bullying and belittling has no place here.

The health and livability of every community, no matter how diverse its residents, rests in large part on how people treat each other. Neighborhoods are strongest where people respect each other, each others’ property, and the common areas which they share (streets, parks, public buildings, etc.). The team meets the third Thursday of each month at the Buddhist Temple, 14 California Street, at 5pm. (More)