Salinas Downtown Community Board

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And do you remember how an easterly breeze brought odours in from Chinatown, roasting pork and punk and black tobacco and yen shi? And do you remember the deep blatting stroke of the great gong in the Joss House, and how its tone hung in the air so long?—John Steinbeck, East of Eden.
SDCB strives to rebuild this neighborhood for all to encounter and enjoy. roulette online spielen mac

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Chinatown is a historical “gold mountain.”
If walls could speak, this tiny rundown neighborhood (on the other side of the railroad tracks from Old Town), would tell a rich multi-ethnic story of agricultural development, labor movements, daily life and low life, collaboration and tension, discrimination and solidarity.

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No one culture or historical period can claim a monopoly on this neighborhood. “The civilization of a nation is embodied in its cultural heritage, which should be maintained to preserve the nation’s own identity.” Salinas Chinatown has its own identity for all to recognize. SDCB strives to restore that identify.

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